My Orts 2014

What is an ORT, ORTS?
Definition: The snippets of floss left over from stitching are called Orts from an archaic term that means scraps. Many stitchers save the orts for other craft projects.

Ort may also be said to stand for "Old Ratty Tails". Some stitchers snip them smaller and leave them out for the birds to put in their nests. If you do this avoid heavily dyed flosses and metallics that might be hazardous to wildlife.

I am going to take a picture of my ORT Jar at each new moon of 2014.
Jan 1
Jan 30
March 1

March 30

April 28

May 28~~forgot to post pic

June 27

July 26

Aug 25
I had to start another jar!

Sept 23
I slacked off !! And my second ort jar was accidently broken! UGH!

Oct 23
Nov 22
Dec 21 
So, here is my Ort-a-ment !!
Join me for 2015 and watch your Ort Jar fill up!

Here is my finished Cream of Ort Soup Label! It was so fun to stitch!
The pattern is FREE! So if you would like to make an Ort Jar Label contact me :