Saturday, April 18, 2015

April Showers~~

This has been a difficult month for me and It is because my father died three years ago this month. I miss him terribly. I have been mending my relationship with my mother and that has proved to be a highlight this month. Not only do I believe that a mother's love is everlasting, but also forgiving. I have not been the 'model' child or adult for that matter. There has been some rocky roads and mending fences is a good thing to do. 
     My oldest sister, Patricia, and I have also been mending fences. And she mailed to me a cookbook and some nicotine patches and lozenges. I am so grateful for her support in Jay's and my challenge to quit smoking. She quit February 26th I think. 
     I finished the Hunting Island Lighthouse for her and mom is going to frame it. It is the first project that I started and finished in a timely manner in a long long time. I am so proud of myself for this project and I really hope she likes it. I still need to wash and press it. I just love lighthouses and hope to stitch some more.

The newest addition to my Dimensions Gold Collection Kits is 'Leopard's Gaze'. I have not started it yet, but I couldn't wait to open it up and study the chart. I usually look at a chart for a long time before beginning to stitch it~~to get a feel for how the colors are going to be stitched. I don't know if other people do this or not, but I learned to stitch according to the shades~stitch the light first, then medium and last the dark shaded color. 

Frederick the Literate has been added back to the rotation. Here is where I am at and I would like to do a follow up in about a week to see how much I can get done. 

For those who missed my last couple of posts, I have been fascinated with cats and animals. Here are two of the Lesley Anne Ivory Cats for the signature series 'Designs for the Needle'. I found them on ebay and I have two more. I will begin separating the floss for this first one and instead of stitching it on 14ct material I will be stitching it on 28ct mushroom evenweave. I am very excited about this series. 

I am not sure if I posted this finish, but here are the suited cards for the Texas Holdem patterns I am stitching from 'Ante Up!' I have been working these since the first of the year. They are stitched on 16ct white aida and I will be making the whole thing into a wall hanging. 

And it is time once again to show our orts. It is a new moon. My jar is filling up and I smash them down. I enjoy saving the snippets of floss.

 Miss Tripp loves to get into everything and she keeps me company. I love her.

And last but not dare least, I rec'd my Spring Mail Art from Tracy Clark. I am sending mine to Connie Rogers for finishing as I do not have a sewing machine yet. Maybe the money Jay and I will save from not smoking will get us a TV and a sewing machine. That is my plan. 
I think she did a beautiful job on this mail art. 

There were seed packets and buttons inside. What a lovely way to start off spring. 

Once again, thank you for taking time to look at my blog. Leave a comment if you like. I love to read them. Just a note for what is coming ahead...I will be doing a giveaway at the first of the month. Continue following my blog and details will be forthcoming. Hugs, and Happy Stitching, Queeny