Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring has Sprung!!~~

Spring has Sprung here in SE Georgia. the temps are mild and in the 70's and 80's. The folks with snow are saying that it is melting and I am sure yah'll are ready for spring too! I got out and raked the yard today and put empty planters out back. I can't wait to get some new flowers and plants this year. I feel it will be a green thumb year!
     This has been a terrible week for me. I did not get much stitching in until today. So let me show you the progress on Maggie the Messmaker. I put in a wrong color brown...that took an hour...ripped it out...that was another hour...and then an hour and half to put it back in correctly. Geshe I hate froggin' and making mistakes. Jay of course said 'Leave it, no one will ever know'...HA...But I would know, so it was rip it rip it rip it. 
     While putting stuff away that I always seem to be moving and shifting...I found a stoney creek magazine with this cute frog! Oh I had to laugh at myself because I spent half the day froggin' LOL!
 While I frogged, Miss Tripp kept me company~~
While I didn't win the Winter Bingo game at, I did however respond the quickest to a give away that was hosted by Patricia Tidwell Cash. She so generously let us choose what we wanted and then mailed everything~~asking nothing in return. I was like 'holy cow' I didn't realize I would be getting so much fabric! WOW I chose one of the pieces of Khaki evenweave 28ct to start stitching 'Spirit Dancer'...there are many big pieces and the light pink will be good for flowers I think. 

I am so enthused with my Maggie the Messmaker. I am feeling positive about her and want to enter her into this years fair. Unfortunately I did not enter anything last year, but I think it should be a yearly thing for me. Something to keep me motivated and have a good outcome. Here is Maggie for the second week. 
 last week

and NOW...

And last but not least, it is a new moon so here is my ORT JAR for this month. It is filling up fast!

Cross stitching gives me so much pleasure, and I am meeting new friends and re-aquainting with old ones. It is nice and I say 'chores can wait, because there is stitching to do!'
Hugs, and Happy Stitching, Queeny