Sunday, March 15, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone! Will I be drinking green beer?? I think not~~never have either LOL I am not much into green, I like blues and earth tones. How about you? What is your favorite color and do you notice that your thread and yarn all match?? LOL 
     Just a little update seeing how I am only a week away from a new moon and that is when we take pictures of our ort jars. Mine is really getting full ~~which means I have been busy. Last blog~I had just started maggie the messmaker. And I of course had to dig out my other charles wysocki piece 'Frederick the Literate'. Now only to find out that there is one of Leonardo~~oh my the list goes on and on but that is okay, I plan to stitch them all!! HA~ Here is my progress on Maggie~ Does look Like I have done a bit~lots of black and I really don't like the threads too much, but I am never happy with the way black 'lays'. 

And then there is Frederick~

There is no easy way to work on black to me. I have tried putting something white on my lap; and I have also tried holding the fabric to the light. I just stitch very carefully and do have a feel for the hole. pulling any threads out of black, especially black on black is no fun! Luckily no frogs have been visiting me lately!

I am on a new kick~~for cats and wildlife. Last weeks blog showed the 'portrait of a cougar' that I am stitching on light blue aida. Now, I am wanting to stitch Lesley Anne Ivory's different cats from 'Designs from the Needle'. Here are two of the kits that I purchased from ebay. I have another one on the way. This one is octopussy and the tiger toy! 

Becky and on the hexagons is on black fabric~~eek! more black! HA!

Also from ebay~~a steal! Jay helped me pic out this gorgeous cat 'Leopard's Gaze' a Gold Collection Dimensions Kit.

And finally, a finish! Yes I do finish things! LOL Here are the diamond, club, heart, and spade to go with the texas hold 'em and fold 'em wall hanging I am making for Jay. I did these on 16ct aida because I liked the tight stitching, and it looks neat. 

That is all for this week's report. I hope to have another finish in a week or so! Wish me luck! hugs, and happy stitching, Queeny