Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring has Sprung!!~~

Spring has Sprung here in SE Georgia. the temps are mild and in the 70's and 80's. The folks with snow are saying that it is melting and I am sure yah'll are ready for spring too! I got out and raked the yard today and put empty planters out back. I can't wait to get some new flowers and plants this year. I feel it will be a green thumb year!
     This has been a terrible week for me. I did not get much stitching in until today. So let me show you the progress on Maggie the Messmaker. I put in a wrong color brown...that took an hour...ripped it out...that was another hour...and then an hour and half to put it back in correctly. Geshe I hate froggin' and making mistakes. Jay of course said 'Leave it, no one will ever know'...HA...But I would know, so it was rip it rip it rip it. 
     While putting stuff away that I always seem to be moving and shifting...I found a stoney creek magazine with this cute frog! Oh I had to laugh at myself because I spent half the day froggin' LOL!
 While I frogged, Miss Tripp kept me company~~
While I didn't win the Winter Bingo game at, I did however respond the quickest to a give away that was hosted by Patricia Tidwell Cash. She so generously let us choose what we wanted and then mailed everything~~asking nothing in return. I was like 'holy cow' I didn't realize I would be getting so much fabric! WOW I chose one of the pieces of Khaki evenweave 28ct to start stitching 'Spirit Dancer'...there are many big pieces and the light pink will be good for flowers I think. 

I am so enthused with my Maggie the Messmaker. I am feeling positive about her and want to enter her into this years fair. Unfortunately I did not enter anything last year, but I think it should be a yearly thing for me. Something to keep me motivated and have a good outcome. Here is Maggie for the second week. 
 last week

and NOW...

And last but not least, it is a new moon so here is my ORT JAR for this month. It is filling up fast!

Cross stitching gives me so much pleasure, and I am meeting new friends and re-aquainting with old ones. It is nice and I say 'chores can wait, because there is stitching to do!'
Hugs, and Happy Stitching, Queeny

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone! Will I be drinking green beer?? I think not~~never have either LOL I am not much into green, I like blues and earth tones. How about you? What is your favorite color and do you notice that your thread and yarn all match?? LOL 
     Just a little update seeing how I am only a week away from a new moon and that is when we take pictures of our ort jars. Mine is really getting full ~~which means I have been busy. Last blog~I had just started maggie the messmaker. And I of course had to dig out my other charles wysocki piece 'Frederick the Literate'. Now only to find out that there is one of Leonardo~~oh my the list goes on and on but that is okay, I plan to stitch them all!! HA~ Here is my progress on Maggie~ Does look Like I have done a bit~lots of black and I really don't like the threads too much, but I am never happy with the way black 'lays'. 

And then there is Frederick~

There is no easy way to work on black to me. I have tried putting something white on my lap; and I have also tried holding the fabric to the light. I just stitch very carefully and do have a feel for the hole. pulling any threads out of black, especially black on black is no fun! Luckily no frogs have been visiting me lately!

I am on a new kick~~for cats and wildlife. Last weeks blog showed the 'portrait of a cougar' that I am stitching on light blue aida. Now, I am wanting to stitch Lesley Anne Ivory's different cats from 'Designs from the Needle'. Here are two of the kits that I purchased from ebay. I have another one on the way. This one is octopussy and the tiger toy! 

Becky and on the hexagons is on black fabric~~eek! more black! HA!

Also from ebay~~a steal! Jay helped me pic out this gorgeous cat 'Leopard's Gaze' a Gold Collection Dimensions Kit.

And finally, a finish! Yes I do finish things! LOL Here are the diamond, club, heart, and spade to go with the texas hold 'em and fold 'em wall hanging I am making for Jay. I did these on 16ct aida because I liked the tight stitching, and it looks neat. 

That is all for this week's report. I hope to have another finish in a week or so! Wish me luck! hugs, and happy stitching, Queeny

Sunday, March 8, 2015

March wind is blowing in~~

March wind is blowing in here in SE Georgia. I know there is a lot of snow out there but we haven't seen snow since 1988? somewhere along that year. I was in Houston TX when we had that cold storm. Jay and I both have been sick. I was on antibiotics the first week. Jay is 'toughing it out like a man'...geshe!
     I am thankful for the time change, but it takes a bit for my body to get used to it. Between the fibromyalgia and the seasonal disorder~I can sometimes be 'not a happy camper'. However, there are sunny skies behind the wind, rain, snow and sleet. And ~~
     I have some wonderful news! We adopted two adorable kitties from the humane society~~two more mouths to feed. this is Miss Tripp. We named her that because 'she is a trip'! LOL she is sophisticated, has catitude and loves to talk! She has a long fluffy tale and is part 'maine coon' she has fur on her feet and pointy hair on her ears. Love this cat...and she loves for me to talk to her.
Here is Jay, Boots, and Church. Yes we decided to call this cat church because he reminds us so much of our 'church' that past away in september 2014. This is a sweet girl and she is part blue russian. She has tried to run the place already, loves to chase boots around and lets jay hold her~~not me though. She will sleep on me but doesn't want much else to do with me. LOL She is a ribbon winner too! Here is her last halloween's win:

I can't remember how long I have been wanting to do this design. It is Forest Chapel by Thomas Kincade. I have just a few stitches in. I have some other new things like the Lesley Anne Ivory Cats. I am waiting for two of the other kits in the mail. This one is Becky on the Hexagon.

I am a new fan of 'Bothy Threads' and would like to have this Noah's Ark design/kit. I have to sell a lot more stuff on ebay to get this one though...they are kind of pricey. If anyone has this pattern and wants to sell it or trade...let me know! 

I purchased Stoney Creeks 'Natural Wonders' Leaflet from ebay and it has 27 designs. I will be stitching the protrait of the 'wolf and cougar.' Here is my start on that:

One week of work. I am a slow stitcher and I didn't rreally get much time in this week. I had doctor's appts. and other things going on. 

 This is the front cover. Lots of good stitching to be done from this book. I found out after purchasing the book that I actually have a kit from the front about extinction. It has all the animals on it. It was purchased a few years ago in a 'lot' and put away in a tote. 

Here is the kit:

I also started working on Charles Wysocki's 'Maggie the Messmaker':

Here is my 2 day start...not much but a good beginning.

And for happy update on my Hummel UFO from the NeedleTreasures kits:

Be safe in all you do...Remember Jesus Loves you...hugs, and happy stitching, Queeny