Saturday, February 21, 2015

Still a bit crazzzyyy...

As some of you know, I joined a group on facebook called Debbie's Crazy January and February Challenge, in which you start a new pattern every day of the months of Jan. and Feb. Some chose to just do starts for Jan. and those of us that are really crazy chose to do a new start for both months. Well, let me tell you...It has been a bit over whelming for me; and I am still a bit crazzzyyy but I did not do a new start every day. What I did was choose the best patterns I would love to complete and implemented some of my UFO's in there because some of those had been barely started. 
     As I shift into high gear, after a bout of the blues and laying in bed for days, I have cleaned, organized, and changed things around a bit in the home. Jay and I despise change. I think it is embedded in us to leave things as they are and get stuck in a rut. I for one get to moving and don't want to stop. For instance, I have three totes with projects and fabric in them, I will not rest my head today until those totes have been sorted. Period. It is the last thing on my list and it is going to be a chore. I will go in the living room I think to do this so I can spread out and see what is what.
     The only finish I have had so far this year is the Marine Emblem. I am so proud of that. I am close to being finished on a couple of projects, but let me show you some of my fabulous finds and deals. A friend of mine, Charlene, and I went to the food bank down town on Thursday. It was bitter cold, but we stood in line for almost thirty minutes to get some groceries. It was worth it! Jay made some chili with the kidney beans and added diced tomatoes, onion and we had fritos. On our way home we stopped at the Salvation Army and I found this:

  These shadow boxes are hard to come by and especially one that is intact. there was only one small piece of wood broken and I can easily fix that with wood glue. I paid $7.99 for it! woohoo! the story behind this is that Jay is forever finding stuff on the ground when he walks. He is so good at spotting even the smallest of tinineiest things. Jay always tells me to close my eyes and hold out my hand; and then he usually says something funny. Today it was a tiny tiny dice that must have been an earring or piercing pin. How could he have seen this sticking out of the ground just a smidgen?? Anyhow, you can see the bone right? He said, "Give a dog a bone" when he handed it to me; because we had been arguing at the time and he wanted and needed (I must say LOL ) to make amends. It was so cute!
     I went to peer support several times this month and it just didn't work out. Between poor transportation and sitting in a hard chair, I couldn't do it. Mentally I am ready, but physically it is way to rough. I am so used to being at home too. I missed Jay and he did miss me, so there is another adult day center I am going to check into. A bit more relaxed and comfy sofas and recliners. Can't hurt to go maybe once or twice a week just for fresh surroundings. While I was at peer support though, I did get to do some stitching. I stitched on Ante Up! by Ursula Michaels. I am doing one each of the suits of cards, a pattern that says 'hold 'em and fold em' which can be put on a towel. I thought about doing coasters or maybe a small wall hanging with the suits.

I actually have the heart and the diamond finished now and the spade is almost done. I like monotonous stitching for some reason...I think it is an obsessive compulsive thing. then, here we have a Queen of Hearts and a King of spade. I am doing all of these on 16ct by the way, and it is not easy on the eyes. but i like the tight stitches. I have the fabric cut for the King but have only worked on the Queen of hearts in the morning while I was waiting for the van to come pick me up. 

This cross stitcher's verse says it all to me and I had it barely started as a UFO; picked it up to take to peer support and got a good bit done. I am happy with it and it will be one of my main focal points with my stitching hung above my craft table.

Jay and I both go to counseling. He has issues and I have mine. The last time we went, he came out of the office a happy camper. He said, 'Even my counselor agrees, if I have my things (paperwork for example) sitting in a certain spot, you should not mess with them or put them somewhere else. Pamela, I love you honey but if I want my dresser to be full of medicine bottles, then you should leave it alone." He was so proud of himself for sticking up for himself. I had to laugh. Then, he smirked, 'and he also told me, men, in a relationship with a woman will always be wrong. If we say do one thing then it seems you do another. He says his wife is the same way~~do it my way or else!' I was really laughing then, and even more so when I came across this pattern at michael's on clearance even! Agree with me...Or be Wrong. How much more simpler can it be, you say?! 

I am such a copy cat stitcher. Let me tell you all, when yah'll post pictures of your projects, I usually fall in love with a few. I don't mind asking if when you are done with the chart; could I please please have this or that. Well, Pam K. in one of my groups was stitching a noah's ark last year. She finished it. I asked her if I could have the chart and she said, 'Of course, I am done with it'. So jokingly, when I saw that she was doing a Psalm 23 (FAV!), I just had to ask, 'where, when, why and how much? LOL' She said she couldn't part with the pattern because it was in a book with lots of other inspirational stitching patterns. I said okay what is the name of the book and so she sent me a pic of it. I went straight to ebay and found it. Luckily I had a little money in the account and here it is Inspirational Cross-Stitch
there is one on ebay right now if you catch it for $4.99. I only paid $8 for mine with free shipping! woohoo!
 Click Here!

this is the Psalm 23 that Pam K. is doing and I am going to start mine on 28ct monaco evenweave antique white. It will be so gorgeous. 

Something bright and cheerful came in my magazine "Cross Stitch Crazy" several years ago and I have been wanting to do this ever since I saw it. It is just so, so, Simple. The issue is June 2011/issue 151

So there are just a few things I am doing and of course I have to show you my orts...I am saving wrappers too. I would like to come up with an idea for a 'label' pattern on these. what do you call the little 'wrappers' on the dmc floss?? Oh well, so many ideas so little brainiac! ha ha ha hugs, and happy stitching, Queeny