Sunday, November 30, 2014

Getting Ready For Christmas...

Hello fellow stitchers and crafters! This is a busy time of the year as we all know. It also can be the loneliest time with the shortened days and colder weather. My fibromyalgia is through the roof;and I can't help but to complain. I can't imagine what it would be like if I were not on my meds. Even still, I have my rough days; and right before Thanksgiving was one of them. I was so 'mad at the world' feeling overwhelmed, helpless, hopeless...Jay and I argued and I did the 'one arm shuffle' as we call it. That is when everything turns red for me; and I take my arm and sweep it across whatever...and I mean WHATEVER is in front of me. This time it was my Jim shore angel collection. After it happens I always feel guilty and ashamed. Anyhow, I told my mom as she is the one who has given me most of the angels. She said, "well, Pamela, sometimes 'stuff' happens!' And then she presented me with this:

Jim Shore's Grey Cat
I lost my beloved church on sept 17th,2014 and it has been very lonely and sad without him. I know he is not suffering now, but gosh I want my cat back. So, maybe Jay and I will pick out another fur ball...preferably an adult male cat. 
I plan to replace the Jim shore angels when I can or just start out a new collection with this one.Gosh I can't stand myself sometimes. 

I have been very busy stitching. This was the last update of the marine corps emblem. I will take another picture of it when I  remove the Q-snaps tomorrow. But I did put everything...and I mean everything else up so that I can concentrate on finishing this for Jay for christmas...then, off to the framers it will go.

My mom and I have been at sorts since my father passed away almost three years ago. I have said some very awful things to her and then with the one arm shuffle...well you get the idea. It hasn't been always pleasant. We exchange words and I don't mean it, but I shouldn't SAY it! Anyhow, I made her this little Jemima Puddle Duck card; and on the inside I wrote how much I appreciate her help and support. Also, said 'the puddles in life' get in the way but you always are there for me~~I want to be there for you more often... she loved it and decided to frame the card. I was pleased and am well loved.

Another fence to mend is with my oldest sister Patricia. I was able to finish these UFO's and personalized them. the ornie is so cute, and I love the bird on the towel. His legs are twisted funny. The other two towels are from Just cross stitch magazine from a llloongg time ago. I made one for my sister Pat and one for my mom. Glad to take these off my UFO list...2 down and a gazillion to go!

I am decorating for the holidays and I just can't sleep. I get so exhausted from trying to get everything just right. I have not slept in a day or so. I guess I will keep on going till i break down for a nap! 
I hope everyone is having a good start to the holiday season. Thanks for stopping by. I have my list of BAP's to do again for 2015. Not sure but I may change them up since only the GA bulldog was actually worked on. I need to get back to selling my stuff on ebay so I have some folding money. It would be nice to do that this week...list about 100 items and go for auction only or buy it now. We shall see, but for now, I want to wish everyone the very best of the season and to get into the true meaning of christmas~~our Lord, and Saviour Jesus Christ. For now I am off to stitch on the marine emblem. hugs and happy stitching, Queeny