Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fall is HERE!!

Hello everyone! The summer went by too fast! Kids will be out for the holidays before you know it! We are in the middle of getting the other duplex ready for our move. Jay has painted and I am going to start working on the clean up. They put all new tile down, but wouldn't change out the kitchen cabinets, so Jay is going to prime, sand, and paint them. We are making a little bit of money doing this ourselves, but not top dollar. It will help us get through till the end of the month. I am very grateful of the many blessings God is giving us. No doubt I couldn't do it with out Him. I saw a little saying the other day that I thought was really cute. It read: God put your arm around my shoulder and a hand over my mouth. I purchased a kit by janlynn that says: Next Mood Swing In 5 minutes! ha ha ha...I am looking forward to getting that one. Here are some kits that I purchased last month:
The Good Shepherd

Frederick the Literate

The top one is another Greg Olson called The Good Shepherd. He is one of my favorite artists. I am also  stitching O' Jerusalem  and Lost No More. I will do update pictures on those as I get to them in my rotation. Right now I do not have any updates on those two. 
All the extra spending has come to a halt. I closed out my debit card and cut up my credit cards. I am tired of all these creditors calling me and tired of the debt. So I have done a little shopping with some of the money I had, but I have pretty much got it in my head that we are going to have money at christmas and there after. I may have to buy some floss, but I would rather have myself buy a few skeins of floss than spend all of my money on line. Anyhow, Jay didn't know what to think when I did this. I just don't want there to be easy access to money. We need to save save save and pay pay pay! 
I started working on 'Mickey Salutes America'. The chart was given to me by a new friend on Disney cross stitching friends group. She is so lovely. I just fell in love with the pattern and it is a stoney creek. Love me some stoney creek. Here is the where I am at:
Mickey Salutes America

My Georgia Bull Dog is coming along nicely...

And here is the update on my Marine Emblem for Jay:
This was from last months work to present.

I also worked a bit on the very left side of 'The Last Supper' by Sandi orton featured in a leisure Arts leaflet. I really like this one a lot. It is huge!

I started on the coca cola emblems that I have been wanting to stitch for years. I am doing one of the christmas santas, Colorful coca cola, and the famous red disc. Here are those three:
Coca Cola Red Disc

Always Enjoy coca cola

Colorful coca cola

On this next rotation I will be working on:

Joan Elliott's Home Is Where The Cat Is
Pooh's Alphabet

I started out the first of the month with 100 gold eyed needles flossed up. I probably flossed another 50 and went through those. Now I am finishing up the last few and will start all over again. I am going to purchase another hundred needles because this method is working out so well for me. Flossing up the needles as I go just slows me down. The only color I don't like flossing up ahead of time is WHITE. It picks up too much dust and stuff from the air. I like my white to be really white. I haven't had trouble washing it though. I did this on the coca cola disc. I didn't like the way the white floss had a 'tinge' to it. Now it is bright again after a cold soapy bath and some starch.
I almost forgot to say: I had to start another Ort Jar:

On the home front, I have some really sad news. Church, my 14 year old, part blue russian and grey domestic cat passed away on September 17, 2014. He would have been fourteen on November 1st. I miss him so much but couldn't let him suffer just for the sake of not wanting to let him go. It just so happens that I took some pics of boots and church last month. here are some of those:

We may be getting back one of Boot's puppies that is now a year old and untrained. This will happen after the move. And I do plan on adopting another adult cat. The adult cats and dogs have such a hard time being adopted out. So, this blog is dedicated to my dear friend Church. He was a great cat with an enormous personality. 
Hugs and Happy Stitching, Queeny