Wednesday, August 6, 2014

School is IN!!~~

Where did July go?? I have been very depressed this month, but things are looking up! I even went to church on Sunday...which is the greatest thing I can do to start my week off right. I lost my nursing services due to incompetence on my caseworker's part (she didn't file my yearly evaluation in time). So, I am struggling with having no transportation and all the daily chores to do myself. Yes, I have spent some days in bed! Also, my doctor and I are not agreeing on my treatment for Fibromyalgia and that is making things difficult.
     Jay has had a lot of computer time because I have just focused on stitching every chance that I can. He still plays his mocospace while we chat and I stitch. I love spending this time with Jay. He is really my best friend. The animals are doing great! Church has even lost a few pounds! Boots has a nice shiny coat and loves to get a bath! I still would like to get a bird...
     I have been on  my new android phone learning more and more every time I pick it up! WoW! I love it. If you don't have a smart phone~~I say invest in one. I use mine off the wi-fi and it is not even a working number. seems strange that one can do this eh? yeah, i have been on the phone listing stuff on ebay. Click HERE!! to see one of the many wonderful items for sale and then, you can follow me as I sort through 35 years of stash! WOW !! yep it is hard to believe i have been doing needle work for that long.
     My stitching is going well. I worked on the marine emblem:

I also have been doing some baking...yuummm lasagna~I always think of garfield when it comes to this dish!

Oatmeal cookies!

                                                                           Golden Pound Cake!

Here are the two latest Dimensions Gold Kits that I purchased: Fall Fairy and Woodland Enchantress

The Santa Gathering Days One and Two:

And then of course, is my Tuscan Flavors:

Hope to do better at keeping up with blogging! I do try LOL! Hugs, and Happy Stitching, Queeny