Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Getting It Together!!

I have just amazed myself this past week...EBAY EBAY EBAY!! OMG I didn't ever imagine doing this well. So, here I am almost midnight and I am just winding down. Got my first big shipment out today and the next auctions do not end for a couple of days...thank goodness...will give me time to catch up on inventory! 
    I spoke to Janet Powers this evening on the phone. She is the well known artist for Green Apple, Co. with Jeanne Bowers for the Beatrix potters books. Her art inspired her to do The Original Water Colours~~Janet Powers Originals and I just admire her so much. We are going to team up and get her leaflets/designs on Ebay. I am also thinking about doing a facebook group. We just threw some ideas out there and I think it will be great! I am so looking forward to working with her. 
    On the home front, Jay is doing so much better since they put him on high blood pressure meds. we have both lost about 5-8 lbs. on our 'diet'...LOL I laugh because I still can't stay out of the chocolate and it really surprised me that I had lost a few pounds. It is going to take some time to drop this weight!!
     Boots and Church posed for me. Aren't they sweet? I can't tell you enough how much these animals mean to me. 

I have been working on my Bucilla Kit 'Santa Collage' there are 12 designs and I am on 4 and 5. they are tedious and i have to put them down. I get frustrated.

This is how I store my floss. I have the boxes numbered, the floss is on plastic bobbins, then I have them in a card board box and up on my closet shelf. I have LOTS of floss. probably two of each color and extras.  

The projects are stored in totes that are by designer or category like Butternut Road/Lavendar and Lace, then Monthly stitch a longs, and christmas and of course halloween!! 

I picked up my UFO~~"One Nation" By Gone Stitches that I have had since 2010. Here is my progress and here is how far i have to go! LOL

and a lady in one of my groups is stitching this version of Psalm 23 by My Big Toe Designs and I just love it! $18 bucks for the pattern!! will have to see if she wants to pass the chart along!! :)

I am selling my collection of Stoney Creek Norman Rockwell's Saturday Evening Post ~~go have a look!! I dare you not to bid at this price!! 

Well have a good night! and get plenty of stitching in! hugs, and happy stitching, Queeny