Friday, June 6, 2014

Summer Fun with Stitching Projects

Hello fellow stitchers. I have been very busy stitching and have had very little time on the computer. I am trying to get back into the postings to keep up with what everyone is doing. We are not moving that is a relief. Jay's foot is healing from being broken. And Boots and Church are still keeping us busy with lots of love and affection.
     The project that I want to enter into the fair is Silent Flight which is a Dimension Gold Collection kit. You can see the progress that has been made.
     I also purchased two more Gold Collection kits in the past two months "Chickadees and Lilac" and "Twilight Bridge".
     As far as teddy bears are concerned, I pulled two projects out. One is 'the bears picnic' from the Leisure Arts Book A Teddy Bear Treasury. The other is Bears Paws and Friends from Stoney Creek.
     I have been working on
'Prayer changes Things' which is a precious moments piece. I have other PM's that I would like to do also. 'Shelter from the Rain' was given to me from Pam in one of my groups; and it is looking really good also.

     My ort jar is filling up and I keep mashing it down. I think it is very pretty. I have yet to locate my plastic ball ornaments that open up and you can put stuff in. I need to find them so I can make an ornament for the tree.
I am addicted to ordering patterns from the website Recently I purchased three patterns by stoney creek that came out in a magazine some years ago. It is Expresso, Mocha, and Cappucino. I am working on cappuccino. I really like the way it is turning out. I have so many patterns downloaded from there I need to start finishing some. 
I am going to start filling in the black on Jay's marine emblem. His birthday is in July and I would like to finish it. Here is my progress.
Well I hope everyone is finding time to stitch and craft. Have a great summer evening! hugs, and happy stitching, Queeny