Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter Eggstrodianary!

I hope everyone had a happy Easter. Remembering the atonement of our savior and his death and rising from the dead is what it is all about. I went to church sunday and my husband went with me for the first time. He had never been to the church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints. Jay and I had sacrament and I am so happy to be back involved with our church.
On the stitching front I am working on an Eagle by R.W. Hedge a dimensions Gold Collection kit. It is going really good...not too much frogging or mistakes.
I think this kit is so beautiful. I like eagles and I plan to stitch 'promise of a new day' also. It is an eagle and a rainbow. also a Gold Collection kit. I will have to find a pic of it.
My cream of ort soup can label turned out so good. I had trouble with the wheat leaves around the bottom of the can, but they will do...I ripped them out twice and said 'oh well good enough'.

My ort jar is really getting full. I have had to push down the threads. I want to go up in the attic and find my Christmas balls that open up so you can put them in it. I just love this idea and I can't remember where or when I heard of it the first time.

 'My Little Sunshine is coming along slowly. I need to spend some time on it but I can't seem to put down the eagle. I have some monthly stitch a longs to complete too for april. I am just happy I have been sticking to it and staying focused.
Here is a Gold Collection Kit by James Himsworth called 'Rocky Point'. I have not started it yet as I want to finish the other two...we shall see. I have startitize really bad.

This is Jay and his daughter Brittney when she was about 4 or 5. Brittney is now 23 and working as a pharmacy tech. she actually has two jobs and going to school full time to be a pharmacist. Jay and Brittney had a falling out over 2 years ago and he had not seen or heard from her. when he would call she would hang up the phone. Well, a week ago Friday, he called Brittney and she actually talked to him several different times. She is very busy so they haven't seen each other but will soon. You don't know how many times I prayed and prayed about this. God is so wonderful to soften hearts.

My ort jar is getting full.

This is a Jerimiah Juction Apothecary Shoppe out of the magazine cross country stitching. I am making it for Brittney's birthday in june.

this is progress on Ellen Maurer stroh's Bumble Bee Baby.
After all is said and done I have had a busy month so far stitching. I want to keep everyone posted. comments are appreciated. Hugs, and Happy Stitching, Queeny

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Spring has Sprung!

Oh we are having some gorgeous first days of Spring! and I had to spring into cleaning! It was so up in the air as to wether or not we were going to have to move...that I got depressed and had not done any real deep cleaning in awhile. Well we found out that the landlord who became disgruntled has no right to kick us out of our home when there is no reason for it. Yes, jay and the other landlord had words when they did not want to pay what was offered, but this was no reason for them to give us a vacate notice. So I am going to a briefing on Tuesday to cover myself again. If we need to resign a lease or whatever we are playing it out to a T. this is my home and no one has the right to arbitrarily tell us to Move! Once I got the cleaning done I feel a whole lot better. Now I just need to get out my easter d├ęcor and my little ornament tree.
     I have been stitching on the cream of ort Campbell's soup can. Here is my progress as of today:
I like to floss up about 12 needles and keep going and going in between working on my next project which is 'My Little Sunshine' a Gold Collection Kit by dimensions. it is on 18ct fabric so my eyes get tired quickly. Will probably have to get out the magnifier that hangs around my neck.

When I went to michaels I saw this Gold Collection Kit by jim himsworth called 'Rocky Point'. I have been wanting to do a light house. This one stood out to me. I also have one by Elsa Williams that is lovely. I will have to take a picture of it next time.
You can see my other Gold collection Kits by Dimensions HERE I think they are absolutely gorgeous. Some people do not like the way dimensions charts their graphs, but I find it very easy to follow. It is just the small 18ct material is hard for me.
I forgot to take a pic of my ort jar. will do that then blog some more. I hope everyone is having a nice time stitching and spending time with family. My momma's birthday was April 2cnd and we went over to her house on Thursday to visit and wish her a happy day. I always love going to see momma. She has such a lovely comfortable home. Jay was so comfy he dozed in the recliner. My nurse, susan, took us over there and that was nice of her to do that. My mom turned 76 years young!
Boots has been in heat for this first part of spring~~will be glad when that is over. And church has been a lazy ole man sleeping on a blanket on the floor. I love my sweet spoiled animals.
Take care and hugs, and happy stitching, Queeny