Sunday, March 2, 2014

March is blowing in...

I can't believe march is upon us. I have been busy stitching my linda colemans' pie cabinet. Jay has been playing his street wars game while I stitch. We laugh, sing songs, and chit chat together. It is a lot of fun with him. Jay motivates me to finish and do what I love to do--craft! My mom and I have spent some time together. She took jay and I to the grocery store-Walmart-about a month ago. and then, the other day she and I went out for a bit and brought back Chinese food. YUM! one of our favorites. Here is one of the progress pics of the linda coleman I am working on. It is coming along nicely.

Feb. 17th, 2014
March 2, 2014
Then, I got this pattern from patterns on line...a little shopping! Alma Lynne is one of my favorite designers. I have only stitched a little on this...she uses a lot of colors in her designs...lots of shading.
My ort jar is getting full...
Jay and I found out the other day that we will be moving as our lease is up here. We had a run in with the Landlords and it is best if we just find another place to live. The circumstances I can not say at this time, but I ask that everyone pray that this turns out for the best. I value each and everyone that follows along my blog. It is nice to share with my friends.
I haven't taken a picture of boots in awhile since the puppies. I will have to get a good face shot of her as I am going to register her as a therapy animal. found out about all this the other day. Church, the male cat that I have had for over 7 years will also be registered. I can't express the love I have for these two pets. They sure make my day when I am feeling down.
The weather here has been day it is freezing temperatures and the next day it is 80 degrees. Can't get the temps to level off yet for spring to arrive. This change in temperatures being dramatic does not help my fibromyalgia any.
Oh and I am going to have jay take a picture of my nurse, susan and I. Susan has been an exceptional care giver. The time and caring is sure pleasant. She helps me out around the house, helps me cope with daily living routines and when my hands don't work...she is my hands. A lot of time I am in such physical pain that I can hardly help out doing anything...other times I have a bit more energy. We have a lot of errands to run as I stay busy with doctor's appts and taking care of Jay too. I don't know what I would do without her. She is here 40 hours a week, never calls in sick, and is always on time...this is a blessing compared to some of the other nurses I have had in the past.
Well, let me get back to stitching and crafting. Hope everyone is well and I will keep all of you in my prayers. Hugs and happy stitching, Queeny