Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Live Within Your Harvest~~

I have a terrible time staying on a stash diet. Every time I have a little money in my pocket~it burns a hole in it. I always have some piece of fabric that I want or new floss colors to sort. We live on a fixed income, so anything that is spent over budget affects us gravely. How then am I supposed to 'Live Within My Harvest'?? I believe that if I put a limit and/or goal to my cross stitching (crafts) perhaps I would refrain from spending more. I feel like if I finish at least three projects, then I should be able to buy more stash. I also need to save up some money for bigger projects that need special floss, fabric and fibers. I am in a group where their main objective is to finish ufo's. Well I have one finish to announce and it couldn't be any more clearer than this:
This UFO "Live Within Your Harvest" started out as a round robin back in 2001. I stitched the pumpkin patch, then three other ladies stitched the remaining girls. I just kept putting off stitching the border and saying. Well it was high time to give this lovely piece a finished blessing. I am really thankful for this reminder~~I need it.
Here is the Precious Moments piece I am working on now~Prayer Changes Things~ I believe in the power of prayer; and I have many 'family stitchers' praying for me for just the asking. I have been blessed time and time again with a renewed strength, a physical, emotional or spiritual healing. I pray for other people. I pray for leaders of my church and leaders of this great country. Some people don't want to talk about prayer~~I say let's talk about it and practice it every day. Our Heavenly Father wants us to tell Him our needs and our wants! If you are out of practice in prayer try saying a simple blessing of your food that you are about to eat. Ask that it be blessed in Jesus' name. Amen. When you are ready...try making a gratitude list. What are you thankful for? start out slowly and before you know it you will build that personal relationship with God.


Here are some other precious moments pieces that I would like to do:

I have gained some weight here in the last year that I want to try to curve off. I thought this little piece 'The spirit is willing but...' fits me to a T. I will try to remember that being willing is half the progress.

Here are 'two who disagree'...Aren't they cute? jay and I seem to explode and then come together. We do not like to go to bed mad. And I often remind myself that anyone who says they do not argue in a relationship~~has a problem right there. Sometimes we have to agree to disagree, but always keep those lines of communication open. Then, of course, there is the Precious Moments Collector sign. I started this one a long time ago and did not like the material so I am going to start it over.

this reminds me so much of the puppies Boots gave birth to. Every home needs a pet I believe. I am going to start making some little blankets for the shelter here...or some sort of charity work. I know they are always in need. I want every animal to feel loved and protected. I have a 13 year old cat named Church. Boots and church are so much a part of my life I would be lost without them.

And I worked on the Gingerbread Mice stocking~~which had about 15 color changes in this small area. I had to put it down and work on the precious moments because it was so tedious. I am forever picking projects that have a lot of detail. oh and this one uses kreinik blending filament too. it is going to look awesome.

Have fun and enjoy the relaxing affects of cross stitching! I get so excited about my pieces large or small. Of course I have a lot of large pieces that are in the BAP Turtle Trot to work on also. I need to do an update on those too. Take care of YOU and have fun in whatever makes you happy. Until next time Hugs and Happy Stitching!