Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Happy NEW YEAR 2014

I love a new year! New beginnings are always welcomed! I like starting with a clean slate~Out with the Old~In with the NEW! My husband, Jay, and I celebrated our one year anniversary on Dec 31st. We wanted a casual evening, so we went to Pizza Inn and had a nice time! Jay has picked up some maintenance work around Ollie's business and I am very proud of him for his efforts to help with the household expenses while we await his disability. Ollie and Jay have been friends for years, and he gave me this computer. I finally finished 'I'd Rather Be Golfing' and jay presented it to Ollie yesterday. Here it is finished...Ollie left a very nice thank you message on the answering machine...he is so humble.
I love having a finish right off the bat! Now I can assess which projects that I would like to do on a rotating basis. I have chosen a noah's ark for my UFO to actually work on. It is a june griggs design.
I haven't gotten very far, so I will give an update in a couple of days. Oh the puppies are getting so big. They are 8 1/2 weeks old and getting into everything. I need to start really training them. Boy they have the life! LOL Boots is rotten to the core; and Church is just my ole' man. I love my animals very very much. on the blog page I have added my BAP ATTACK; 2014 Turtle Trot page with the ten projects I have selected for the year. I have also added my ORT JAR to be filled with snippets of floss. Join in on the fun and keep those needles smoking! hugs, and happy stitching, Queeny