Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Christmas Eve 2014...

Hello and Merry Christmas to all of my friends. I am so excited it is finally christmas. I made it! I made it through all the down days and all the 'up' days too! Another successful holiday season has come upon us. It is at this time I would like to say that the real reason of the season is to have Jesus in your heart. He is the reason for this season.
     We have had our tree up since after thanksgiving. It takes me days to decorate. Here is a photo of our tree. I think it is beautiful. Also the entertainment center with stockings. 

I set up my Dept 56 North Pole Village every year. It is a complete set and many new figures were added this year. Momma spoiled me rotten with the trees and figures. 

The new addition is my first piece to the Santa Claus village that goes with the North Pole series. Now I have another village to collect. It took me 10 years to complete the North Pole series. 

These are hinged boxes. Momma added one this year. Love them all! Only showing a few here. 

This is the front of the house. Looking at the pic we live on the left. Everyone in the neighborhood started putting up lights after we strung ours. It has been nice to see people in the spirit.

Boots was shy to the camera!!

And guess who came by this morning?? SYLVESTER...he is really starting to take a liking to jay. I cried today thinking about losing church. But we can love again. 

On the stitching are two ornaments I finished. they did not turn out exactly as I planned but for a first attempt it was good.

My friend Joy Ketter from UFO Stitcher's Group on yahoo made me these crocheted snow flakes for my angel tree. They are so pretty. 

My ort-a-ment from saving all the orts is on the tree in a plastic ball. 

And that is all from our house to yours! Have a Merry Christmas and to all a good nite! hugs, and happy stitching Jay and Pamela Redfern.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Getting Ready For Christmas...

Hello fellow stitchers and crafters! This is a busy time of the year as we all know. It also can be the loneliest time with the shortened days and colder weather. My fibromyalgia is through the roof;and I can't help but to complain. I can't imagine what it would be like if I were not on my meds. Even still, I have my rough days; and right before Thanksgiving was one of them. I was so 'mad at the world' feeling overwhelmed, helpless, hopeless...Jay and I argued and I did the 'one arm shuffle' as we call it. That is when everything turns red for me; and I take my arm and sweep it across whatever...and I mean WHATEVER is in front of me. This time it was my Jim shore angel collection. After it happens I always feel guilty and ashamed. Anyhow, I told my mom as she is the one who has given me most of the angels. She said, "well, Pamela, sometimes 'stuff' happens!' And then she presented me with this:

Jim Shore's Grey Cat
I lost my beloved church on sept 17th,2014 and it has been very lonely and sad without him. I know he is not suffering now, but gosh I want my cat back. So, maybe Jay and I will pick out another fur ball...preferably an adult male cat. 
I plan to replace the Jim shore angels when I can or just start out a new collection with this one.Gosh I can't stand myself sometimes. 

I have been very busy stitching. This was the last update of the marine corps emblem. I will take another picture of it when I  remove the Q-snaps tomorrow. But I did put everything...and I mean everything else up so that I can concentrate on finishing this for Jay for christmas...then, off to the framers it will go.

My mom and I have been at sorts since my father passed away almost three years ago. I have said some very awful things to her and then with the one arm shuffle...well you get the idea. It hasn't been always pleasant. We exchange words and I don't mean it, but I shouldn't SAY it! Anyhow, I made her this little Jemima Puddle Duck card; and on the inside I wrote how much I appreciate her help and support. Also, said 'the puddles in life' get in the way but you always are there for me~~I want to be there for you more often... she loved it and decided to frame the card. I was pleased and am well loved.

Another fence to mend is with my oldest sister Patricia. I was able to finish these UFO's and personalized them. the ornie is so cute, and I love the bird on the towel. His legs are twisted funny. The other two towels are from Just cross stitch magazine from a llloongg time ago. I made one for my sister Pat and one for my mom. Glad to take these off my UFO list...2 down and a gazillion to go!

I am decorating for the holidays and I just can't sleep. I get so exhausted from trying to get everything just right. I have not slept in a day or so. I guess I will keep on going till i break down for a nap! 
I hope everyone is having a good start to the holiday season. Thanks for stopping by. I have my list of BAP's to do again for 2015. Not sure but I may change them up since only the GA bulldog was actually worked on. I need to get back to selling my stuff on ebay so I have some folding money. It would be nice to do that this week...list about 100 items and go for auction only or buy it now. We shall see, but for now, I want to wish everyone the very best of the season and to get into the true meaning of christmas~~our Lord, and Saviour Jesus Christ. For now I am off to stitch on the marine emblem. hugs and happy stitching, Queeny


Friday, October 10, 2014


What an ordeal this has been for us! But, we are finally moved into our new place! Even though we were only moving right down the street--it was still a huge move! To kind of recap the events, back in march we had a falling out with our two landlords. Jay had done some work for them and they did not pay what was agreed upon. When we threatened to take them to court, we got an eviction notice. After finding out our rights, we decided they couldn't make us move and we were going to take our own time finding another place to live. Jay had broken his foot sleep walking and we were just not in any shape physically or mentallty to actually move.
     We started looking for another place to live, and oh my gosh the rat holes people wanted to rent was unbelievable. One place just smelled of death and Jay and I couldn't even picture us living there. Once the landlords realized they couldn't make us move, and things started to smooth over, they offered to move us down the street. They wanted our old unit for the garage and to up the rent. Well, legally they had a right to up the rent, but we couldn't afford the new rent so we waited for this unit to become vacant.
     The lady that was living in the unit they wanted us to have had been here for years. she was elderly and ill. Evidently the lady stopped paying her rent. The landlords took her to court for an eviction. Every time we thought she was going to move out she extended her stay through the court due to her health. Finally, the judge gave her 30 days to move out. On Sept 1st the unit became available. 
     The worker's then ripped up the carpet and started to lay tile through the entire unit. Jay and I came down here to look and we didn't really like it much at first. then, the landlords asked Jay to paint it and me to clean it. And, then, we fell in love with it. We were so thrilled to get this unit ready for us to move in. by the last week of september, jay and I had the unit ready to move in. So many things have to happen before you can move with the gov't assistance we are under. The unit had to be inspected so I started calling the inspector that last week of september and was getting no where. Finally I spoke to my case manager and she set up a date and time for the inspection. I think that was Thursday the second. We passed inspection and I called around to get all the utilities transferred. 
     When you walk in the front door, the kitchen island extends to the living area on the right. (all the way down the counter I placed my Jim Shore angels). they put in a black side by side refrigerator with water and ice in the door. The doors hold 2 gallon jugs!! They also put in the matching black flat top range! woohoo! The living area and dining area are almost 2 feet wider than are old unit. There is a huge walk in closet in the master bedroom and large bathroom. The computer/craft room is nice too! The washer and dryer are on the back porch which is enclosed but not temperature controlled. We share a large front porch with our neighbors who are really quiet and nice. We just love it! 
     I thought this move was going to kill me and jay both. Last friday the missionaries and brother palmer came at 1 o'clock to move the bed and a lot of the boxes out of the garage. We also started to move loose stuff and pictures. They also got everything down from the attic--mostly christmas stuff. I didn't want my eagle or portrait of Christ to get broke. I still had a lot of packing to do from the stuff that Jay and I had out and were using on a daily basis. I was exhausted by late afternoon. There were boxes stacked everywhere. 
     I started to unpack the stuff that was brought over as we needed more empty boxes to move the stuff that was still at the old place. I worked around the clock. I always get my kitchen in order first. then, everything else seems to fall into place. my neighbor that lived across the street, Ms. Ann is 74 and she couldn't lift anything but she let me load up her suv twice to bring loads down the street to our new place. She also took me to mcdonalds' to get a burger and fries. And then, another neighbor did a load in his car. I slept about 2 or three hours. 
     On saturday morning around 9 o'clock, brother mcdonald showed up with an army from the church with trucks and trailers. Even the Bishop came to help. I told him that I was so tired I didn't think I would be able to lift anything. He said, 'you shouldn't have to. save your strength for unpacking and just supervise.' The missionary girls started packing anything that wasn't in a box. They even broke the computer down for me. The 'army' worked diligently loading the big stuff and anything else they could grab. Jay of course didn't listen to me to slow down. He worked along with the men loading the trucks and trailers. They finished in time for a special meeting at the church at 12 noon!! WOW When I need my church family, they always come through for me. They didn't even break my green ware !!! But boy did I have a job ahead of me! 
    Jay nor I, can stand for anything to be in a box. I had not seen my things since april so I really wanted to start sorting out the boxes. Also, I had to make room for that last load...the load that has the most loose stuff that you don't know where to put it. I worked and unpacked till the wee hours of sunday morning and got about three hours of sleep. 
    On Sunday, we waited around to get that last load. the landlords and their sons always work through the weekend, and it just so happened that one of the guys had a trailer on the back of his truck. So, Jay and I went for that last load. I had already moved everything to the garage, in the old unit, except the refrigerated items and the clothes and shoes in the closets. The boys helped and was it a mess all the loose stuff. They didn't need the trailer, so they parked it in the drive way and Jay and I unloaded it a little at a time. I started finding a home for everything. 
     Jay and I believe in that little household rule that 'everything has a home. And if you put it back in it's home, you don't need to hunt for it everytime'. Especially for things like scissors and keys and small tools. Important papers get filed in the proper place then you can put your hands on it when needed. Jay and I work well together--we are a team, but don't think a few cuss words were not thrown around! LOL Oh he can be so aggravating. Let me tell you, this move, I hope, I hope, I hope, is the last move we have to make! Already the place is HOME SWEET HOME to us. I don't intend on giving the landlords a reason to ask us to move--We ALL learned our lessons and are getting along fine now. Something about this new home and new beginning seems to just feel so right. 
     Already, Jay and I have everything unpacked. Persons have said they think this is the fastest they have seen anyone get a new place lived in. You would think we have been here for years. The AT&T u-verse technician even said, 'doesn't look like yah'll just moved in--looks like you have been here forever.' We even have our stuff hung on the walls. That was a lot of fun! Jay does have a knack for decorating thank goodness. I am probably the one who is the most stubborn. 
    Boots' nerves were shot during the moving and unpacking. But she seems to be doing great now. I am finally getting some sleep and I rested in the afternoon. I slept really well last night. Now it is time to find a routine and get used to the new place. All that will come in time. Oh, and by the way, the air conditioner works great--I hope our light bill here is manageable. There are no vaulted ceilings like in the other unit. We don't have an attic to speak of here--it is all pipes and duct work, so, my christmas stuff will probably go in the walk in closet once we have another yard sale. How do two people have so much stuff~~wow!
     I just walked boots and now I think I am going to have a nap. I am waiting for a ride to go pick up my medicine and to the dollar general. I hope everyone is doing okay. I am going to have a lot of emails to sort through. Good to be back and I can't wait to hear from everyone! hugs, and happy stitching, Queeny  

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fall is HERE!!

Hello everyone! The summer went by too fast! Kids will be out for the holidays before you know it! We are in the middle of getting the other duplex ready for our move. Jay has painted and I am going to start working on the clean up. They put all new tile down, but wouldn't change out the kitchen cabinets, so Jay is going to prime, sand, and paint them. We are making a little bit of money doing this ourselves, but not top dollar. It will help us get through till the end of the month. I am very grateful of the many blessings God is giving us. No doubt I couldn't do it with out Him. I saw a little saying the other day that I thought was really cute. It read: God put your arm around my shoulder and a hand over my mouth. I purchased a kit by janlynn that says: Next Mood Swing In 5 minutes! ha ha ha...I am looking forward to getting that one. Here are some kits that I purchased last month:
The Good Shepherd

Frederick the Literate

The top one is another Greg Olson called The Good Shepherd. He is one of my favorite artists. I am also  stitching O' Jerusalem  and Lost No More. I will do update pictures on those as I get to them in my rotation. Right now I do not have any updates on those two. 
All the extra spending has come to a halt. I closed out my debit card and cut up my credit cards. I am tired of all these creditors calling me and tired of the debt. So I have done a little shopping with some of the money I had, but I have pretty much got it in my head that we are going to have money at christmas and there after. I may have to buy some floss, but I would rather have myself buy a few skeins of floss than spend all of my money on line. Anyhow, Jay didn't know what to think when I did this. I just don't want there to be easy access to money. We need to save save save and pay pay pay! 
I started working on 'Mickey Salutes America'. The chart was given to me by a new friend on Disney cross stitching friends group. She is so lovely. I just fell in love with the pattern and it is a stoney creek. Love me some stoney creek. Here is the where I am at:
Mickey Salutes America

My Georgia Bull Dog is coming along nicely...

And here is the update on my Marine Emblem for Jay:
This was from last months work to present.

I also worked a bit on the very left side of 'The Last Supper' by Sandi orton featured in a leisure Arts leaflet. I really like this one a lot. It is huge!

I started on the coca cola emblems that I have been wanting to stitch for years. I am doing one of the christmas santas, Colorful coca cola, and the famous red disc. Here are those three:
Coca Cola Red Disc

Always Enjoy coca cola

Colorful coca cola

On this next rotation I will be working on:

Joan Elliott's Home Is Where The Cat Is
Pooh's Alphabet

I started out the first of the month with 100 gold eyed needles flossed up. I probably flossed another 50 and went through those. Now I am finishing up the last few and will start all over again. I am going to purchase another hundred needles because this method is working out so well for me. Flossing up the needles as I go just slows me down. The only color I don't like flossing up ahead of time is WHITE. It picks up too much dust and stuff from the air. I like my white to be really white. I haven't had trouble washing it though. I did this on the coca cola disc. I didn't like the way the white floss had a 'tinge' to it. Now it is bright again after a cold soapy bath and some starch.
I almost forgot to say: I had to start another Ort Jar:

On the home front, I have some really sad news. Church, my 14 year old, part blue russian and grey domestic cat passed away on September 17, 2014. He would have been fourteen on November 1st. I miss him so much but couldn't let him suffer just for the sake of not wanting to let him go. It just so happens that I took some pics of boots and church last month. here are some of those:

We may be getting back one of Boot's puppies that is now a year old and untrained. This will happen after the move. And I do plan on adopting another adult cat. The adult cats and dogs have such a hard time being adopted out. So, this blog is dedicated to my dear friend Church. He was a great cat with an enormous personality. 
Hugs and Happy Stitching, Queeny

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Getting It Together!!

I have just amazed myself this past week...EBAY EBAY EBAY!! OMG I didn't ever imagine doing this well. So, here I am almost midnight and I am just winding down. Got my first big shipment out today and the next auctions do not end for a couple of days...thank goodness...will give me time to catch up on inventory! 
    I spoke to Janet Powers this evening on the phone. She is the well known artist for Green Apple, Co. with Jeanne Bowers for the Beatrix potters books. Her art inspired her to do The Original Water Colours~~Janet Powers Originals and I just admire her so much. We are going to team up and get her leaflets/designs on Ebay. I am also thinking about doing a facebook group. We just threw some ideas out there and I think it will be great! I am so looking forward to working with her. 
    On the home front, Jay is doing so much better since they put him on high blood pressure meds. we have both lost about 5-8 lbs. on our 'diet'...LOL I laugh because I still can't stay out of the chocolate and it really surprised me that I had lost a few pounds. It is going to take some time to drop this weight!!
     Boots and Church posed for me. Aren't they sweet? I can't tell you enough how much these animals mean to me. 

I have been working on my Bucilla Kit 'Santa Collage' there are 12 designs and I am on 4 and 5. they are tedious and i have to put them down. I get frustrated.

This is how I store my floss. I have the boxes numbered, the floss is on plastic bobbins, then I have them in a card board box and up on my closet shelf. I have LOTS of floss. probably two of each color and extras.  

The projects are stored in totes that are by designer or category like Butternut Road/Lavendar and Lace, then Monthly stitch a longs, and christmas and of course halloween!! 

I picked up my UFO~~"One Nation" By Gone Stitches that I have had since 2010. Here is my progress and here is how far i have to go! LOL

and a lady in one of my groups is stitching this version of Psalm 23 by My Big Toe Designs and I just love it! $18 bucks for the pattern!! will have to see if she wants to pass the chart along!! :)

I am selling my collection of Stoney Creek Norman Rockwell's Saturday Evening Post ~~go have a look!! I dare you not to bid at this price!! 

Well have a good night! and get plenty of stitching in! hugs, and happy stitching, Queeny

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

School is IN!!~~

Where did July go?? I have been very depressed this month, but things are looking up! I even went to church on Sunday...which is the greatest thing I can do to start my week off right. I lost my nursing services due to incompetence on my caseworker's part (she didn't file my yearly evaluation in time). So, I am struggling with having no transportation and all the daily chores to do myself. Yes, I have spent some days in bed! Also, my doctor and I are not agreeing on my treatment for Fibromyalgia and that is making things difficult.
     Jay has had a lot of computer time because I have just focused on stitching every chance that I can. He still plays his mocospace while we chat and I stitch. I love spending this time with Jay. He is really my best friend. The animals are doing great! Church has even lost a few pounds! Boots has a nice shiny coat and loves to get a bath! I still would like to get a bird...
     I have been on  my new android phone learning more and more every time I pick it up! WoW! I love it. If you don't have a smart phone~~I say invest in one. I use mine off the wi-fi and it is not even a working number. seems strange that one can do this eh? yeah, i have been on the phone listing stuff on ebay. Click HERE!! to see one of the many wonderful items for sale and then, you can follow me as I sort through 35 years of stash! WOW !! yep it is hard to believe i have been doing needle work for that long.
     My stitching is going well. I worked on the marine emblem:

I also have been doing some baking...yuummm lasagna~I always think of garfield when it comes to this dish!

Oatmeal cookies!

                                                                           Golden Pound Cake!

Here are the two latest Dimensions Gold Kits that I purchased: Fall Fairy and Woodland Enchantress

The Santa Gathering Days One and Two:

And then of course, is my Tuscan Flavors:

Hope to do better at keeping up with blogging! I do try LOL! Hugs, and Happy Stitching, Queeny