Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Holiday Season has BEGUN!

This was supposed to be published on thanksgiving...and it ended up as a is the original message and I will add the pictures when the phone charges. thanks for following along and as always, hugs & happy stitching, Queeny
I just finished washing the last of the Thanksgiving dishes a few hours ago. I can't believe I made it through Turkey day. I felt ill most of the last few days. I know it is because the holidays have officially begun and I usually have a few down days before I am uplifted. Well, I have a lot to be grateful for--family, friends, and the many blessings God continually gives to me. Last weekend started off the holiday shopping for me. Mom came over with lots of goodies which I will post pictures of this weekend. One thing was a Jim Shore's Angel called 'Glorious Garland'. She is absolutely beautiful! Leave it to mom to be full of surprises! Ethel, my momma, has always known what pulls at my heart strings. she also gave me the family turkey platter! How sweet is that!? It has been in the family for several years. Then, she took Jay, my husband, and I to the grocery store; and when I came up short she picked up the tab! WOW! After we got all the groceries home and put away, she wanted to go back up to Wal-Mart. I figured just to look around...she had other plans...momma bought Jay and I a 7 1/2 foot pre lit Christmas Tree! Oh I cried! Thank you God for MOMS! This meant the world to me. she said, 'with all of your struggles, Pamela, you always have kept the spirit of Christmas in your heart!' WOW I just told her how much I love her; and how much she is appreciated. Thank you mom for starting my holidays off on a great note!

     The puppies will be three weeks old in a couple of days. Their little eyes are opening and they are getting around better. I can't believe we have 10 puppies. Boots is such a good momma--she cleans up after them and pays close attention to how many are there! we have only had a couple of people look in on them as boots is very protective. A young couple down the street have asked for one...they came by to take pictures and to hold one. Then, thanksgiving day the missionary sisters were holding one or two...Boots was like 'make sure you put them back!'