Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Is Over But In My Heart All Year!

My beautiful tree is now back in the box. I always feel lonely taking down the Christmas décor. And everything always looks sssoo bare! Jay and I had a nice Christmas together. That is all each of us just make it through the holidays. Now today, Jay and I exchanged words. He left without saying goodbye and that really bothers me. Wether we agree on something or not, I don't feel we should part each other at any time without saying goodbye with a kiss. That is just me. And of course the fuss was over $$$. I just want us to get along and not fuss.
So, my nurse helped me get started this morning and then I took a break when my mom brought my sister Patricia over to visit. It was a nice visit. She gave me a new tote with coin purse and makeup bag to match. I also got a nice ornament from Pat that says Huntington Island, South Carolina where she works as an assistant ranger. Pat enjoys her job running the camp ground and store.
My mom is doing good~~just tired like me from all the hoopla. Standing on my feet is getting harder and harder to do.
This is my wonderful ole' man ~~church. He turned 13 years old in November. He is part blue Russian and domestic grey. I have had church for seven years. Jay and Church have become buddies, but it took several months when I first met Jay for church to get used to him.

This is 'Runt'.

This is 'Slash'. The puppies are now 6 weeks old. We kept these two, gave one to the neighbors down the block, and the other seven were adopted out at the Humane Society.
Boots has put up with their nursing for long enough! It is time to wean the babies.
As for my stitching...I need to upload more photos. I would like to start updating every Wednesday. Here is my progress on 'I'd Rather Be Golfing"...

Here is my start on Brooke's Books Autumn House. I am stitching all four season Houses on one piece of 28ct White Monaco Evenweave. I think they will look good lined up in a row.

I would like to thank everyone for their well wishes for the Holidays and my upcoming Anniversary on Dec 31st, 2013. It is very special to me as we look back on our first year of marriage. People say if you can make it that first are doing great as it is the hardest. Just getting to know someone~~ their character, their habits, and thoughts and responses ~~takes a lot of working together to form that matrimonial bond. My husband, Jay makes me very happy. Hugs, and Happy Stitching & Crafting, Queeny