Friday, May 7, 2010

I Can't Believe It Is May!!

Well I can't sleep! There is too much to do! and I am so far behind in my stitching it isn't even funny! Let's see...since my last post I have been through major eye surgery on both eyes; and most recently right knee surgery for a large medial tear in the cartlidge and some arthritis. I have reached my first goal of losing 100 lbs!!!! wooo hooo I now weigh in at 213 lbs. since my operation on October 15, 2009. Was in Atlanta just this past Tuesday. All the doc could do was hold his head in his hands and shake his head. 'you have done great' he said. 'You have done great' he repeated over and over. Next step, to get my family physician to start recording the rashes I have been getting from the extra skin hanging which is called the panus. the doctor said he would be pleased to see me around 170 lbs. , but i think i can do better than that...maybe 160 or so?
     I am on cloud nine in LOOOVVEEE  again! Yes, to Paul. He actually spoke to me after three years of silence. On april 10th (our little anniversary), he stopped me in the hall to apologize to me for what all happened before. I was like dumb struck. What? huh? you talkin' to me? I was floored!! well, needless to say  neither one of us ever quit loving the other one. We have some things to work on, but we are both on different terms this time. We have both grown in so many ways. One of the best things both of us have done is to quit smoking cigarettes. I was so thrilled to hear that from paul's mother some time ago. I ran into her in the laundry mat and had asked about paul.
     I am hoping to get some bills paid and to find a new home at the end of this lease. Joy Carter (Shure) and I have just about had enough of each other. I told her about Dan, and she got pissy because I filed a police report indicating that he may have been the one to take over half my pain killers. Yes, I let MY gaurd down. He thought he could walk all over me--he has another thought coming--I was furious! Well, I talked to my lawyer and there was nothing she could do but talk talk talk. We just do not get along. And I don't feel badly about the baby quilt either. I will give her $30 dollars back in due time. Enough is enough...I am not making one more blasted thing for her grandchildren.
     Today was a long day. I stayed up late--like I am now--then cleaned all morning---took a short nap--then went to the big laundromat with momma to  do my clothes. I had a ton of them. I am fixin to go put the clean sheets and a clean comforter on my bed now.
    I am in a new group on yahoo called Every Stitch Counts that Christine is co-owner of; and I am totally addicted to the group. I love it! the ladies are so nice! I have received two very nice RAK's. I am going to try and make some tuck pillows tomorrow. Give my hand at it. See how they turn out...I know I can do them if I take my time.
     Well...I am going to try and keep up this blog better...i just forget about it. I do so much posting in the groups. but I wanted this to tell about daily events and such. Hope to chat again soon, from the diary of the 'Queen of UFO's', hugs, Pamela