Friday, March 19, 2010


Well, I got up this morning and walked 3 miles to start my day off right! It felt so good to be taking care of myself! I showered and got dressed early as I had a doctor's appt with Lupi. He did an epidural in my lumbar spine between 3 and 4 where it is hitting on the root nerve. So, I wont be doing any extra curricular activities today! Just Stitching!
    Yesterday, I went to coffee social that James has every Thursday morning. I had already seen Ellen out at the edge of the field with Mandy as I was walking. Sure enough she went to social also. We were pleasant to each other and I even made eye contact with her as some conversations went on. It was sad though when Mandy got excited to see me; and she had to correct mandy as she was wearing her service vest.
     Joy, the property manager, asked me into her office and shut the door. She told me that Ellen told her yesterday that everything was 'fine and great'. Ellen told her that she was getting comcast internet to set up her new computer. But Joy knows as well as I do, Mandy is not being taken care of properly. AND Ellen has done this with every relationship she has had in this building since she has lived here. Joy told me not to worry about it and move on. I was surprised but relieved that Joy and I talked about it.
     Anyhow, I am doing okay...I missed my morning chat with Maraline...wonder what she is up to?? Maraline if you are out there---give me a shout!! hugs to all, pamela