Thursday, January 28, 2010

Thursday Morning

Good Morning. I did not sleep well because I am in a lot of pain. My best friend Ellen came home over the weekend from Florida. Her mother past away over the Christmas Holidays and she was gone for weeks. Anyhow, we have been getting her settled back into her apartment. I over did it and we still have more work to do. I know she is hurting too, but as soon as we get things in order we can rest, relax and enjoy our accomplished tasks.
     I have been stitching and playing on the computer to divert my attention from the pain. I started a new project today and the designer is ByGone Stitchers. The pattern is called Quaker Christmas 2007. It is huge! and I am doing it on 16 count ivory aida fabric. I love BAP's! they are so much fun! On this one I am choosing my own colors...I am using dmc 500 as my base color green and shades of 502 and 504. I will use shades of 930 and 931 and 932 for my blues. It is going to be really pretty.
     I am still trying to get into the habit of reading. I love to read, but cross stitching is my passion. I am going to start my book over today and see if I can't relax enough to catch back up. I have forgotten most of what I have already read. that is a crying shame ...i need to make myself read a chapter per day. I will start that today.
     I just wanted to mention my pets since this is a new blog. I have a cat named CHURCH who i rescued 2 years ago. Someone abandoned him in an apartment complex. He was already about 7 years old then. He is 70% blue russian and the rest domestic gray short to medium hair. church is huge! his paws are big. He weighs about 23 lbs. Church is my lovie. He sleeps with me. On my feet or legs. I also have a fantail goldfish named FANTAIL. I purchased her and my budgie parakeet named HIEDI at the same time. HIEDI is blue and white. They both are 7 or 8 years old. Heidi never liked being held. that is okay. Fantail is now in my 30 gallon octagon fish tank. she is beautiful. I love her and heidi as much as i love church. They are all a part of my family.
     Well I will write more later today if I get the chance. Have a blessed day. pamela