Thursday, January 28, 2010

Description of Postings

For some reason I could not get this to post on 'Description of Postings' under the I will print it here:
     I am an avid cross stitcher who uses this wonderful hand craft as a means of therapy. Since I am bi-polar (with severe depression and PTSD) and physically disabled (with severe chronic lumbar spine pain & fibromyalgia)--it is everything that I can do to keep myself spiritually, emotionally, and physically balanced.

I rely on my christian beliefs that God is my holy redeemer. Jesus died on the cross so that I may be forgiven of ALL my sins. I am a very spirtitual person more so than a religious person. I try to be open minded, honest and just. I have had many spiritual awakenings and a few spiritual experiences.

I will write about my daily happenings and ask that you join me in my journey.